Our Team

Kinetek Systems Team Leaders

Steve Lassman

Steve is the President and founder of Kinetek Systems and after 25 years, he still has a need for speed and engages on many projects. Shortly after receiving a BS in Computer Science from Colorado State University, Steve began work on the first of what has become many real-time embedded software systems. With over 20 years of C language experience, he has developed high performance digital controls and made complex instrument user interfaces look easy. He has experience with a variety of 8-bit micros in projects that include a precision electronic balance, radio receivers, and a CRT controller. Most recently, Steve developed the user interface and controls for a multichannel optical spectrum analyzer. He has also created large data acquisition and production test systems in Visual Basic.

Doug Lerner

Since garnering a BS in Electrical Engineering Magna cum Laude from the University of Colorado, Doug has accumulated more than twenty-five years of intense development experience for commercial, industrial, and scientific products. He is one of those rare-to-find engineers that is talented in analog design yet equally at home when buried in assembly code. Doug has orchestrated hybrid analog and digital designs that utilize a variety of microcontrollers, DSPs, ASICs, PLAs, and FPGAs. He has carried numerous products from concept through stable and profitable production. Most recently, Doug has completed work on a high speed laser source and laser power measurement instruments serving the fiber optic telecom industry.

Isaac Davenport, PhD

Dr. Davenport (you can call him Isaac) received a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado with a focus in biomedicine. He has experience in embedded software development and analog/digital circuit design. Projects to his credit include a controller for a two thousand amp battery charging system, a video pupilometer for dynamic pupil tracking and measurement, and a precision tension meter. He has a penchant for designing a lot of functionality into small and odd shaped spaces. Isaac has developed electronic vision systems for factory and pharmaceutical analysis automation.

Michael Pollat

With a BS in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University, Michael is an out-of-this-world designer. Literally. Michael has worked with NASA as the lead electrical integration and testing engineer for several satellites launched aboard the Space Shuttle and experiments on Spacelab. He is an accomplished power systems designer having been involved with protection, thermal, and efficiency design considerations for numerous systems. His analog and digital design repertoire includes discrete and integrated circuit op-amp designs, instrumentation amplifiers, bridge oscillators, PLCs and microcontrollers programmed in assembly and high level languages. He has international compliance experience with the CE, GS, and UL bodies.